Statistics for DSpace at NSBM Green University

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The Impact of Canteen Services on Students’ Satisfaction: A Case Study Based on a University in Sri Lanka 93
Enhanced Stock Price Forcasting: Integrating Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Sentiment Analysis of Stock News Headlines 70
Governing Environmental Sustainability: A Literature Review 34
Gaming Lingo: A lexicosemantic Analysis 31
Customer Churn Analysis and Prediction in Telecommunication for Decision Making 31
The Factors Affecting to Students' Satisfaction of Non-State Higher Education Sector of Sri Lanka: A Holistic Approach Based on Hesqual Model (A Concept Paper) 30
Odd Prime Labeling of Helm Graphs 29
The Impact of Loving-Kindness Meditation (LKM) on Psychological Well-being: A Systematic Review 29
Rainbow Connection Number of the Symmetric and Non-Symmetric Extended Version of Sandat Graph 27
Factors Influencing Green Hotel Visit Intentions: A Study amongst Sri Lankan Millennial Tourists 26