Impact of Green Consumer Values on Green Purchasing Intention of Millennial Consumers: With Special Reference to The FMCG Sector of Sri Lanka

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NSBM Green University
Among all other sectors, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is also accountable of environmental destruction, at the same time consumers and more specifically Sri Lankan millennials have shown increasing concern for the environment. Those favorable environmental attitudes and concerns have however been evident of not impacting the intention to purchase green products which suggest that there exists an attitude-intention gap. Uncertainty was evident on why such a gap exists and what factors may have an influence on the consumer's green purchasing intention. The purpose of the study was to investigate the attitude-intention gap among Sri Lankan millennials when it comes to purchasing green FMCG products. And also, to determine factors influencing the green purchasing intention among Sri Lankan millennials. Under the deductive reasoning approach, a quantitative survey was conducted where 186 responses were collected targeting Sri Lankan millennial consumers. The findings revealed that there is an attitude-intention gap among Sri Lankan millennials where the impact of environmental knowledge on the green purchasing intention was the most impactful determinant followed by habits of buying traditional FMCG products and then the subjective norm. Additionally, gender differences among most of the determinants were identified. The findings provide suggestions for decision makers marketing green FMCG products to focus on increasing the knowledge among consumers as well as easing the process of changing old purchasing habits. In conclusion, this paper contributes to further conceptualization of the theory, Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) framework towards green consumption.
De Silva, P.S.S., Peiris, K. (2024) Impact of Green Consumer Values on Green Purchasing Intention of Millennial Consumers: with Special Reference to the FMCG Sector of Sri Lanka, Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (JMR), NSBM Green University, Sri Lanka. P. 393-419